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17 02 2008

Like the new look!

18 02 2008

I like it. The photos are very artsy. It has a nice clean look. Good job.

20 04 2008


This is Kasi the gentleman from QuickStop that is always selling CDs. I just stopped by to say hi and admire your work, very nice stuff! Hopefully I’ll see you around…


20 04 2008

Thanks for stopping in Kasi! Hope to see you too.

15 05 2008
Charlene F.

Just looking around to see if there is anything new. All very cool, as usual.

3 06 2008

well looky here…someone has talent! You sure do think “outside the box”. How can we not love this?

30 07 2008

Rick and Judi, did you see that Martha Stewart did a feature on our store? Check it out…

30 07 2008

Yes, we did! That was a cool break for you ALL of us!

5 08 2008

Fascinating. I enjoyed looking at all your creations. Glad I found you.

22 08 2008

Some really great Work!

14 11 2008
Jerad Hill

Love the work!

8 02 2009

Hi, this is Michael F. from church. Great work on the website, it looks great!


16 05 2009

Very inspiring work!

1 08 2009
Variac Zap

Your stuff is incredible. I am inspired, thusly. Hey, your 6L6 tube shirts.. what kind of shirt are they printed on…ones that shrink a ton, or ones that do not?

1 08 2009

Thank you! We’re glad you like our stuff…

The shirts are printed on high quality 100% PREshrunk cotton. We’ve sold over 40 of them on ebay and have had rave reviews! If you want one (or more) let me know at


1 10 2010

Finally, taking a few minutes to see your online store. WOW.

1 10 2010
Kris Turner!

Hehehehe! it’s me just thought I’d check out the website and be able to have fun w/ the fact that I KNOW the owners of this beautifully made website! I like it! 🙂

1 10 2010
Kris Turner!

My goodness! I knew you guys made lamps out of stuff, but this is awesome!

13 10 2010

Thanks Kris!!

20 11 2014

Woo Hoo! Wonderful stuff man. This is just fun.

21 05 2015
Jacquelyn Hurst

Rick & Judi, wanted to say HI!! and let you know that the beautiful “Blender Light” is sitting by our kitchen window which overlooks Lopez Sound on
Lopez Island. This was the blender that Rebecca so graciously gifted me
for my retirement. Love your website, and hope you and Judi are enjoying
life and all the grandchildren. Say Hi to Rebecca !!

22 05 2015

Thanks, Jackie! We’re so happy that you are still enjoying it. We’ll pass your greeting on to Rebecca. God bless!

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