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7 responses

14 08 2008
Heather Harrison

Hello- We love your work! I’m also a designer who recycles old treasures..mainly jewelry, hats, belts. I’m also a stylist, art director. Do you have any interest in selling your work in Portland, OR? I have a store in mind for you. What is your wholesale price range?
Thanks, Heather

16 08 2008

Your invitation is very intriguing. We will follow up with you through your website, Thank you for your comment!

8 09 2010

I am interested in more info on the GE novalux searchlight.Is it for sale?What year was it made and is the base the original one or added to hold it.Thanks,Jordan Grant ,Norwalk Ct

13 10 2010
Jean Pierre Zahhar

Hello, regarding the coin on ebay, I would accept if we split the difference between the 4900 that I have proposed, and your offer at 5500 . Let us cut the pear in two.
when would be the best time to call you ?

13 10 2010

Jean, the pear is not mine to carve! But, I will consult with the owner. Thanks… please call anytime after noon today, so that I might have time to contact the owner. Regards! Rick

20 04 2011
Gregor Antes

I Just received your vintage Victor Animatograph 16mm Sound Projector.
It has been well packed. Practically everything is working and I was able to play some of my old sound movies I had collected as a boy 50 years ago. At that time I owned the same projector model, which I sold later on. I had been organising many movie evenings as a student at our college when TV was no yet available. So now I am happy to have this nostalgic piece of equipment back again. Only the amplifier needs some repair (diodes and capacitors).
Thank you for your prompt delivery.
Gregor Antes

26 03 2012
Mark Armitage

Hi, Rick – I don’t know if you remember but I bought an item from you some time back
(under micromark-half) – cannot remember what it was (Hi, Rick – I don’t know if you remember but I bought an item from you some time back
(under micromark-half) – cannot remember what it was hahaha – but in any event, I remember
you guys are Christians.

I am looking for a new person to sell my
used microscopes and microscope parts on Ebay – I just don’t have the time to do it
because 2 days per week I teach electron microscope use at Calif. State Northridge and
then I run my microscope company here in LA the rest of the week. I have been in
microscopes 30 years, I know how to expertly photograph, package and ship microscope
components. I am willing to email you photos of the optical components I wish to sell,
include text which expertly describes the components and do all the shipping. You can
tell me what would be fair for you to charge me to list, track, collect fees and pay me
what you feel is fair. On Tue/Wed my lab # is 818-677-4575 and my cell is 213-248-1652.
Let me know if you are interested! Mark –

I sent this to your email but it bounced 😦

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