About The Artist


Long before recycling
became a passionate movement,
Rick Dalton discovered
his love for castaways.

Scouring swap meets & alleys, taking things apart and figuring out how to put them back together as a young adult, Dalton learned a different way of looking at things. He transformed stained glass particles, scrap metal, and a sundry recycled junk into gifts for holidays and birthdays.

As the years rolled by, Dalton’s collection of found objects grew. Things that others passed over – industrial junk, offbeat antiques- caught his eye, and found their way into his possession. Thousands of items…

Dalton found he had a special passion for lighting. His ability for precision and knack for creative fusion resulted in meticulous works of art lamps. Finding it therapeutic after the untimely death of his first wife, he organized a new, larger workshop, and begin to seriously create.

One of his early ideas was taking a vintage Oster beehive blender and rewiring it as a lamp, adding clear glass marbles to resemble ice.

Then there was the 1940’s tire balancer that shined up nicely and looked great with a leaf-accented shade.

An ornate hotel kitchen gas jet went vertical, sitting atop an industrial gear, illuminated beneath a custom bear shade.

A 1950’s brass circular sprinkler, with a satellite glass center that changes hues, an Iron studio light lamp, espresso maker lamp, clarinet lamp with a Megaphone shade…

…these early experiments eventually caught the eyes of discerning local art collectors. Eventually, the regional newspaper ran a feature article (Modesto Bee, June 2, 2000) on the front page of its local section.

In the late 1990’s, the name not2bright was suggested as a joke for Dalton’s creations… and it stuck.

Today, Dalton’s Art Lamps have enjoyed a measure of notice. They have been displayed in an art gallery in Sausalito, the lovely town on the north landing of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Homes and offices from Belgium and Boston to San Francisco and Singapore are graced with Dalton’s offbeat, one-of-a-kind, conversation-stirring not2bright lighting.

We hope you’ll enjoy these few!


Rick is married to Judi. Between them they have seven children, ten grandchildren, and a winsome Schnoodle named Olive.


2 responses

27 05 2009
Caitlin Kavanaugh


My name is Caitlin and i’m the current editorial intern for Wisconsin Trails magazine located in Milwaukee, WI. I’ve been assigned a story on Jon Troast‘s latest “100 concerts in 100 days tour” and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few quick questions for me regarding one of his shows. (Judging by your comment on another site, it appears that you’ve seen him perform earlier this month, if i’m not mistaken)

I would love to have your feedback for the article. If you could please get back to me at (protected ***) I would really appreciate it. Also if you know anyone who has hosted Jon in their home and who would be willing to talk with me, feel free to pass along my email.

Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon,


11 03 2013
Vidmer Cantelli

Good morning,
I’m interested at the two coffee’s machines you have on ebay.
I’m in Italy and I can’t to buy them by ebay. Can you contact me for the price of machines and shipment in Italy?

Best regards,Cantelli

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